At Motor City Medical, your health care needs are our #1 priority. Motor City Medical provides quality equipment in a fast, comprehensive manner. When calling Motor City Medical, patients will be greeted by one of our customer service representatives who can assist with any questions one may have regarding their equipment or insurance benefits and they will also arrange a delivery day/time that is most convenient to the patient to receive their equipment.

Motor City Medical’s delivery technicians deliver patients equipment directly to the patients home or their preferred point of interest. At that time, the delivery technician will educate the patient about their equipment, and also inform them about home safety, the importance of hygiene, and other helpful tools to make their overall experience of ease and comfort.

We also understand the importance of patient compliancy for those who are part of our Respiratory program and have a CPAP/BIPAP program that has proven effective over the years. Motor City Medical follows-up routinely with the patient to ensure that they are receiving the most effective treatment from their PAP machine. We also work closely with the patient’s physician/sleep lab to keep them updated and informed throughout the process.

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